T’ai Chi Chih®

T’ai Chi Chih is a mindful practice designed to enhance awareness, inner stability, and balance.  Studies using evidence-based research show positive effects on the immune system, arthritis, depression as well as other physical, mental and emotional aspects of life.

What will you learn when you attend a T'ai Chi Chih® class?

19 easy to learn movements and one posture

Standing or Seated movements done slowly and gently

Some who practice regularly find peace and serenity

During class participants are given a brief history of T'ai Chi Chih, an explanation of intrinsic energy - Chi ' yin and yang, and how this energy is stored in the body to provide a healthy balance.

Classes are held at the following locations

Tuesday Mornings: Adams County Arts Council -  Next class in the Fall 2019

Thursday Mornings: South Hanover YMCA: All year - 8:30AM to 9:30AM

Tuesday Evenings: South Western School District  - April 23 to May 14 2019   6PM to 7PM                     


Margery Erickson has earned degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Millersville University in social science and special education. Her interest in T'ai Chi Chih began in 1993 while attending a Life Spectrums conference. She continued to practice T'ai Chi Chih for several years and found it helped her reduce stress, decrease arthritis pain and heal both past and more recent emotional wounds. In 1997 she became an accredited instructor and has taught classes in the Hanover area. She is a retired special education teacher.

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